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Breaking Benjamin band was created in the year 1999 comprising people like Jeremy Hummel and Benjamin Burnley.The band established their best style of songs which have remained intact until to date. The band also had other members like bassist Mark Klepaski and guitarist Aaron Fink. In the year 2001 breaking Benjamin performed Saturate but released it later in 2002. In the year 2004, they released another song named We Are Not Alone. Followed by another album single called Blow Me Away in the same year. In the following year, Jeremy Hummel was replaced by Chad Szeliga.In the year 2006, they released another album named Phobia. After a few years, they released yet another album in 2009 named Dear Agony. Benjamin Burnley in the year 2010 had some health problems. In the year 2011, there was some tension in the rock band after a release of an album without Burnley authorization. This led to legal action against the band which resulted in the removal of Fink and Klepaski from the band. Even if all this happened they had already released a combination of two albums amid the hiatus and Shallow Bay. After the removal of members, Benjamin Burnley was the sole member from the year 2011-2014. When he was joined by other members like vocalist Aaron Bruch, guitarist and backing vocalist Keith Wallen, guitarist Jasen Rauch, and drummer Shaun Foist. In 2015 they released an album named Dark Before Dawn. In 2018 they released yet another album called Ember. The band usually has amazing sales figures ranging around 7 million albums. The band has several achievements like three RIAA-certified platinum records, two gold records, numerous certified singles, two multi-platinum, five gold and number one record on the Billboard 200. They have maintained the best performance as a band despite several changes in the band

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